The Impact of Technology on Our Lives

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In recent years, technology has completely changed our lives. Countless inventions in the field of technology have changed our lives immensely and by this, not a single field is affected but the whole world is getting affected. Where our lives have become relatively easier with the advancement of technology, there is also a discussion going on that how technology has made our lives even worse. There are both negative and positive effects of technology which are under debate for a long time and in this article, we will review all those discussions and how they are affecting the people’s lives.

Good side of technology

Well nobody can deny the benefits of technology. Almost every single department has got the benefits from technology. The most effective of them is communication, with the advance technology we have the fastest and quality means of communications. Now people have many options to communicate with other people around the world through messages, video calls, and many other ways. So that’s settled that we have better communication services because of technology.

Todd Walker

Todd Walker – President & CEO, Luna Mobile, Inc.

Another thing that shows that technology is good for ourselves is the means of information we have now. We have better access to the information and we do not have to put much effort to find that information. We can just sit home and know about things, of course only if we have the access to the internet. Remember that time when you have to go to the post office to just get the information about posting. Well, you don’t have to do that anymore.

Technology benefits are countless which can be hardly covered in this article. We have improved health and education systems because of it. And we have better means of entertainment and traveling too.

Another side of technology

This side of technology is not very good or people don’t let it stay good as they misuse the technology. Technology has caused some disturbing situations in the society or sometimes people are causing it and blame the technology. Whatever the reason is we have the opportunity to misuse things so some people choose to take that opportunity.

With the advancement of technology, people have limited their physical activities and involve in unhealthy activities like keeping themselves busy on computers and mobiles. And radiation of these electronics is causing health issues. The cases of online harassment have also increased with time.


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The Impact of Technology on Our LivesunratedTodd Walker2018-01-01 05:24:01In recent years, technology has completely changed our lives. Countless inventions in the field of technology have changed our lives immensely and by …

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